BloggerのスタイルシートCSSのすべてのclassとIDが一覧できる便利なリスト Blogger's Cheat steet

#navbar-iframe  - Blogger's NavBar.
#outer-wrapper  -Contains the whole page.
#header-wrapper  - Contains the header, title and description.
#content-wrapper  - Contains the main wrapper and the sidebar(s).
#main-wrapper  - Main Wrapper, contains the blog posts.
#sidebar-wrapper  - Contains the sidebar(s).
#footer-wrapper  - Contains the page's footer.

Posts (Loop)2
.post - Post wrapper.
.post-title - Post's Title.
.post-header-line-1 - Information below the title (time, author, etc.).
.date-header - Date in which the post was published.
.post-author - Shows the post's author.
.post-timestamp - The time in which the post was published.
.post-labels - Post's label list.
.comment-link - Link to post a comment.
.post-backlinks - Post's trackbacks.
.star-ratings - Star-ratings ranking system.
.reaction-buttons - Evaluation by reaction system.
.post-location - Post's geolocation.
.post-body - Post's body, the article.
.post-footer - Footer information (tags, author, etc.)
#blog-pager - Contains navigation links (older and newer entries).
.blog-pager-older-link - Older entries navigation link.
.blog-pager-newer-link - Newer entries navigation link.
.home-link - Home navigation link.
.feed-links - Subscription links to "Post's (Atom)",main and individual.

.header - Blocked area which contains only one widget: the header (title and description).
.main - Blocked area which contains only one widget: the entries.
.sidebar - Edible Zone on the sidebar to add and/or remove widgets.
.footer - Edible zone at the page's foot to add and/or remove widgets

#header-inner  - Header, title and description subwrapper.
h1.title  - Blog's title.
p.description   Blog's description.

Gadgets / Widgets
.widget - Contains any widget, at any part of the template (sidebar, footer or main).
.widget-content - Widget's content.
.widget h2 - Widget's title.
.Label - A widget with the tag list.
.BlogArchive - A widget containing the blog's archive.
.Poll - Poll widgets.
.VideoBar - Videobar widgets.
.Slideshow - Slideshow widgets.
.Image - Image widgets.
.AdSense - AdSense Widgets.
.Text - Text Widgets.
.HTML - HTML code widgets.
.CustomSearch - Custom search widgets.
.Followers - Followers widgets (via Google Friend Connect).
.Profile - Author's profile widget.
.BloggerButton -"Powered by Blogger" button.
.Subscribe - Subscription-list link widget.
.NewsBar - Google News widget bar.
.Feed - List of links of an RSS URL.
.LinkList - LinkList widget.
.BlogList - BlogRoll widget (blog list).

#comments - Comment and comment-form wrapper.
#comments h4 - Comment's title.
dl.comments-block - Comment block wrapper.
.comment-author - Comment's author link and icon.
.comment-body - Comment's body.
.comment-footer - Comment's footer.
.comment-timestamp - Comment's timestamp (publishing time).
.comment-form - Comment-form wrapper.
h4.comment-post-message - Comment-form title.

Status bar7
.busc.status-msg-wrap - Status bar.
.status-msg-body - Status bar message.
.status-msg-border - Status bar border

  1. These are the bigger wrappers, inside them we can find one or more gadget areas. (3).
  2. Main styles to consider in every post, most of the data is not shown until the user adds it from the panel.
  3. These areas may contain gadgets, “main” and “header” have only one gadgets and are locked by default.
  4. Main styles inside the header.
  5. All the widgets have a similar scheme, but they have one more class depending on its type.
  6. Styles for the list and comment-form.
  7. Status Bar, is shown by searching or entering a tag.

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